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Destroy rFactor Tweaker is the program you need to customize your rFactor
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DestroY Software

DestroY Software has been developing tweakers for ISI's games since F1C, now its the turn for rFactor. This handy tool allows you to configure over 500 options for rFactor that you cannot configure inside the game. The most hardcore rFactor gamers know these options are found in configuration files, but you have to edit those manually in order to customize your game. However with the rFactor Tweaker you can configure all these without all the hassle and the mess of editing an all text file. The Tweaker gives you an interface and values you can edit in order to be happy with your rFactor.

The Tweaker also offers some advanced options like running rFactor with special parameters and a full log of all the changes you are making to the game. This comes in handy if the changes didn't have the desired effect. The Tweaker version 3.1 now supports Windows Vista and Vista driver's profiles. It just takes 2 MB of hard drive space and it runs with low resource consumption. If you want to customize your rFactor then this is the program you should use.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Allows you to configure rFactor all the way to the minimal detail


  • Some options are not supported
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